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Hair Cut ~ How to Cut & Layer Long Hair

How to Cut & Layer Long Hair ~ Easy Step by Step Tutorial

In this Video I show you a great Hair Cut for Long Layers.

This is one of my very Favorite Techniques to square Cut Layers.

This Hair Cut is perfect for shoulder length or longer hair.

I break it down Step by Step and go through the sections to show you

how easy it is to perform this Hair Cut yourself.

Supplies:  Scissors, Comb & Clips.
Time : 30 minutes
Skill Level:  Beginner


Bayalage/Ombre Highlights with Foil

How to: Bayalage/Ombre Highlights with Foil

In this Video I show you a Step by Step Tutorial how to do
Bayalage/Ombre Highlights with Foils.
Using Foils to do Bayalage or Ombre Highlights
is a great way to  control your Hair Color &
prevent the Color from leaking or bleeding out
onto other sections of hair you might not want color on.
*Supplies:  Clips, Foils, Foil Comb,  Hair Color.
*Time :  2 Hours
*Skill Level: Advanced