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Puppy Bun Hair Styles

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Hey Peeps, I’m excited to share with you the latest Video I’ve been working on . In this Video I share a Step by Step Tutorial how to recreate the Puppy Bun Hair Style & the Accessories that go with it.

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Supplies: Glue Gun and Glue Sticks, Scissors,  Wiggly Eyes, Bobby Pins, Ribbon, Felt & Craft Foam Sheets & Craft Pom Poms in different colors & sizes.
Time : 30 mins to make the accessories & about 5 mins to do the Puppy Bun Hair Style.
Skill Level:      Easy,
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♥ Bunny Bun ♥

♥ Bunny Bun ♥

I was inspired to make the Bunny Bun after doing the Reindeer Bun at Christmas Time.The girls thought that was so fun to wear & they got soo many compliments. We couldn’t wait to do the Bunny Bun for Easter. In this video I show you Step by Step how to recreate the Bunny Bun Hair Style and how I made the accessories to go with it.

Reindeer Sock Bun Tutorial ~ Easy 5 Minute Hair Style , Inspired by Pinterest !!

Reindeer Sock Bun Tutorial ~

Easy 5 Minute Hair Style ,

Inspired by Pinterest !!

Blame it on Pinterest.. It got me started with this Super Cute Hair Style for the girls at Christmas time.. It only took me 5 minutes to recreate this Reindeer Bun Hair Style. Not to mention, we got soo many compliments on this hair style.. the kids loved it, as well as the adults. We even had Teachers taking pictures with their cell phones at school Christmas Party.