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How To: David Beckham/Jef Holm Inspired HairCut & Style Tutorial

How To: David Beckham/Jef Holm Inspired HairCut & Style Tutorial ~

Coiffure Hair Styles For Men

This is a How To Video Tutorial for a Coiffure Hair Style for Men, Like the ones David Beckham and Jef Holm & Justin Beiber wear. In this Video I show you step by step how to do the same haircut & style.

Supplies: Scissors, Clippers, Edgers, Comb, Clips, Styling Products.

Time : 30 mins.

Skill Level: Beginner

Step by Step Directions :

Step 1: Back & Sides ~ Use Clippers with a # 4.5 Guard and cut the hair from the nape of the neck and over the ears up to the Parietal Ridge. Then adjust the Guard to a # 4 and tighten up the edges along the neck & sides.

Step 2:  Top:  Cut the top in Vertical Triangular sections. From longer in the front, to shorter in the back, near the crown.

Step 3:  Adjust the sides around the Parietal Ridge and Blend into the clipper cut section. Next, over the section with clipper over comb to blend & refine.

Step 4: Trim up the edges with the Edgers & Style.

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