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Faux Hawk Make Over ~

Faux Hawk Make Over

Hey Peeps,  I’m excited to share with you the latest Video I’ve been working on. In this Video I show you the Before & After of the Faux Hawk Make Over. And Step by Step how I created this look.


Supplies: Scissors, Clippers, Edgers, Comb, Cape.
Time : 30 minutes
Skill Level:  Beginner


Sexy V Shaped Hair Cut

Sexy V Shaped Hair Cut !!

I’m  excited to share my latest video with you. In This Video I show you how to do the Popular & Super Sexy V Shape Hair Cut.  I go through Step by Step,  all the techniques you need to do a V Shaped Hair Cut. This is a great hair cut for ladies that want  to let their hair grown out or even a new style, but don’t want to give up the long length.

Supplies: Hair Cutting Shears, Comb, Cape &  Hair Clips.

Skill Level:Beginner

Time: 30 minutes


Make Your Own Clip-In Hair Extensions !!

Most of us ladies dream of long sexy strands, but who can afford to spend top dollar on professional Hair Extensions.. Well the good news is you can save yourself hundreds of dollar$ and make your own Hair Extensions at a fraction of the Salon price. In this Video I go through Step by Step how to make your own  Hair Extensions.

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